Are you tired of sitting through the pain of a tattoo, piercing, waxing or aesthetic work? Or perhaps you have a phobia of needles and want to block out the feeling?

Well at TKTX Original we can help you enjoy painless procedures with our tattoo numbing cream that makes the process a little easier. Although some might believe it is a rite of passage to experience the pain associated with tattoos and piercing, it doesn’t have to be no pain no gain.

Our deep TKTX numbing cream is ideal for tackling tattoo, piercing or laser removal appointments without any pain. Alongside our fast numbing cream which is perfect for aesthetics, waxing or less invasive procedures, you no longer have to suffer in discomfort.
Whether you’re a professional artist or just getting your first tattoo, TKTX cream is a must-have addition to your toolkit. Our specially formulated numbing cream is designed to numb the skin, making your tattoo experience more enjoyable and less painful. Its water based formula penetrates deep into the skin, manipulating the nerve endings and blood vessels for maximum numbing ability. The easy to use cream is made from premium ingredients, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

We have regularly been told by customers that they are interested in getting a tattoo, piercing or aesthetic procedure but are too scared of the pain, but at TKTX Original we can guarantee that with our exceptional customer service and high quality products, you won’t be disappointed.

As the only certified distributor of authentic TKTX creams in the UK, we are proud of the 5* reviews and customer satisfaction we have received thanks to our vast knowledge on everything tattoo numbing.

Visit our shop to discover our full range of TKTX tattoo numbing creams and if you are not sure on which numbing cream is right for you.  For more information, view our helpful FAQs. 


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